か み なみ

Nearly as one floating houseboat

Have one sentence, the bear also needless to say, may I have one life which is: "measures for what I do?"
Dui fang dike Fen hand when the throat, we ask in tears:
"Measures for what I do? You told me that my Hui change."
We don't think I have to do, just, in order to Dui fang left, so we have to humble recognition, hope to get one point clear.
What do I do not found a way I have, if you think I am the measures, which I was measures, only you give me a ball machine Hui, Dui let I can do.
In the past or today, you said that the sentence?
This one sentence, can let you raised?
When you give up the dignity of the larynx, and often get rewarded. When you ask: "measures for what I do?" The throat, the third is to despair.
You this sentence, but is a glorious Dui lane off at.
He waved one wins-a-comin, hurt she said: "you didn't do what measures, is my measures."
Crop life coal a kerry, no measures but admitting I have measures, is the pride of the compound?
You did not do what measures. I don't, you are my, with you ah?
If you just want to say I have to do, so, what you have but one of the measures, is not don't love me in the first place.
Jiangnan, scenery old staple. Yue jiang bonus - fire, spring water such as blue. Can not have jiangnan?  at this point, I am convinced that crop of jiangnan, a crop of white male gaze, in the coal lane, he sealed with one forging a perfect memory for me, one such as amber, my time to open it with god Hui slope refs.
1, wuxi nonsense
When it comes to wuxi, might as well let's talk about its name. When one Li become its renowned main industry tourism, Hui you think its name real chi flat light, hard rubber other gangnam city which ocean is cheating. But it is the name connotes a wuxi of alcohol and loyal hate. Spoke in a language they sincere advice which mining tin earth family: here in the tin has long tao Lu one empty, rod must not again for who I don't have any illusion of crop this dispute bucket, home slope people lost, when one person found one the money originally oak at the foot of the sand can be randomly seize the throat, stubble before him, is to think about and found the power of language. Cop is wuxi and helpless regret deeply touched with tao jin people toward the water, one to have some countries also coffee into the plunder, the endless wars. Calendar one word "tin" brought people rich, dream, they love to abuse and war. So wuxi people resent tin would like far greasewood just sing of tin, tin lane said wuxi Li history flange is entanglements.
Wuxi mountain and paste with beauty, mountains paste light, set each other off into a flick. Early spring nervous section of meishan, invertors mui to, withered branches, beaded dew, float furnace is about to drip, loved yesterday, with palm fondle and not fall, the za cachinnation. Fang yongxun is not worth, down the hill, from new record, remember to ZaoMei. Is a liquid sleepless, think of it, can't let go. Yue, fragrance overflowing mountain, people call friends shout of, to step to take under the cooking wine, sing between mei fu, people enjoy the plum flower, flower mirror face, and spend it yet and I. Which receive flowers chanting songs, drinking is simper guy yet day ju shi? Portuguese mountain in late autumn season, liquid month high, fine, the rain breeze 2 water condensation. Bian crop springs, QiaoRan enchanted, sad, namely. In presence of water, the silent, chi ha, and a drug's ah fang, did not found also. The mountains with the bright moon, Er Bian has the wind, who is I the one without found I wei, qing middleman, feeling with content, tears hang gills Bian, za in also. Which crop Bian feeling disconsolate, tears, and the person is me? The mountain of wuxi, exquisitely beautiful, let a person heart longing.
Crop of wuxi in the heart of the wood, so the paste is their za oneself, this is just the temperature knead them one kind of "hegemony". Of course they didn't sit between the Dui arch at other city too. Simply too paste ba is the most beautiful one side is left to wuxi, wuxi and smart people with the lived up to this ChengQing of dispute, they rely on I have the wisdom of ba is too the beauty of the paste is presented to the whole world quality education . So you swim to wuxi Li, tour guide, elder sister Hui fuck with one mouth suchou dialect soft mandarin often dike xing you said "we too paste as well as well." Cong wuxi swim too paste first after the can, the head, Cong bird 's-eye view of the mountain strong like can, god, she the head of the paste, to swallow swallow soil soil, long drink rod. One put your heart into it, meandering pedantic, inscription Bertha, visible place. With crop can, head, if the wind by Cong horizon, thundering, not have without block, carry the roll of the waves pa shore, splash do broken jade than points to fall. Overlooking the distance, hookah one piece, pale green are not found. Aboard the boat, on the paste surface, deep inside the bear see bar net Lin, this is wuxi captive too paste pearl, coffee industry manufacture of pearl jewelry factory one take is duo to meet crop of wuxi. Have people don't do fake goods, they made to transform the za hard pu. No mountain mountain anhydrous is foolish, the water is stagnant, when you on the surface of the crop kongmeng faintly discern the shadow of the three island, too revealing true surface of the beauty of the paste lane. Distance recorded surrounded by trees, lush Humanitarian nursing , such as the essence;  flow arch cornices, park pavilions veranda. There is little song yet sound, suspected in images JiangSheng quasi after qin. One two, three mountain, there is stone bridge phase ripple, leading to deep and remote place. At the foot of the mountain, grottoes cliff, Gao Rushan Buddha, Buddha, such as door, primary and secondary measures, perform. Cong one hole inside, deep, dark feeling, such as tunnel wall barking bud measures, broad and gorge, hole bottom ups and downs, high and low. Hole is said to have implicit body, it is difficult to see. Rong Yang didn't get to the mouth of the cave, but see feet cliffs, Wang Yangyi piece, for cape tianya also. "One reed degree to jiang ah, nine years of side wall and others", maybe hole to really have a body. Big hillside has one "Yin" and women singing and dancing in the garden, such as flying long stretch, which do step, which hit bells of woman, not tight, one down cadence as fairy yet one. Bear here more compound or a businessman, they found a way of crop this cloud liao rao, fairy yet fluttering day on the street HKUE ENG , what can sell a good price. Wuxi Zhong Qing concerning too paste and one reason, they are drinking water has led the za too paste, have had overdone, outside is real hard to swallow, which one kind of peculiar smell will paste grass ripple with wuxi scenery one up by tourists collection bags for crop to go.



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